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Rain Gutter Cleaning - The Gutter Cleaner Wand

Out of all the exciting things to do around the house, cleaning out your rain gutters is probably the last thing you really want to do. Well, there is a product called the Gutter Cleaner Wand that is designed to help make this job a little easier. But the big question is does it work?

Gutter Cleaner Wand Specs

You can find the Gutter Cleaner Wand online or in some of your larger home improvement stores for around £21-£25. The wand simply attaches to any garden hose and has a built-in on and off valve. The telescoping wand will go from 41" all the way up to 68" to reach your rain gutters and clean them out. The wand is lightweight and easy to handle which is good since you have to hold it up all the time.

How does the Gutter Cleaner Wand operate?

The Gutter Wand is pretty simple in how it works. You hold it up and place it in your rain gutter channel and the pressure from the wand will clear out the leaves and debris from the eaves trough. With this gutter cleaning tool you can also use it for cleaning off outside decks and sidewalks in addition to just cleaning rain gutters.

Does it work?

In my experience, I have had mixed results. Yes, it will work for cleaning out leaves, but if you have compacted leaves and other debris, it can be difficult to loosen them and move them out. The main drawbacks with this gutter cleaning tool that many people have are in how wet you can get in using the Gutter Cleaning Wand because of standing below the roof while using it and the fact it will not work on higher roof gutters. Since it only extends to less than 6 feet it won't reach the higher gutters on some homes.









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